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Mad Theory CFP!

Too late to submit, but not too late to attend!

Call for Proposals
Mad Theory: A Performance Philosophy Symposium
Venue TBA, Madison, WI April 11-12, 2014

Madison Performance Philosophy Collective invites individuals and groups to propose lecture performances, experimental talks, live art, interactive installations, roundtable discussions, collaborative praxis-based workshops, site-specific work, durational work, and hybrid theory- practice sessions. We welcome a diversity of approaches, styles, and methods.

Proposals Due March 7th
Include your name, brief bio, title of your submission, format, length, technical requirements, and a 300 to 500-word description of your proposed session. Email madison.performance.philosophy@gmail.com

This theory-practice symposium will be a space for the robust community of Madison performance-philosophers and philosopher-performers to showcase their current work, theorize together about the intersections between their own scholarly and artistic practices, stage philosophical discussion as performance, and generate new knowledge.

Our core inquiry investigates and considers in-betweenness, liminality, and incomplete becomings along the spectrum of mind-body and theory-practice. We are compelled by practices and objects of analysis (creative scholarship, performative theory, performance-as-research, hybrid texts, etc.) that potentially blur the boundary between theory/mind and practice/body. How is theory/scholarship embodied? When and how is thinking a performative act? Is there room for artistic play within scholarly research? How can performance theorize? How is the interior-oriented space of cognition related to the exterior-oriented space of the performance event? How can we problematize the interior/exterior, thinking/doing, contemplative/active binary with an active theorization of the cognitive event, of thinking-as- doing and doing-as-thinking? How does performance-as-research reconfigure the terms and generic expectations of scholarly research and performance practice? What theoretical and practical problems, issues, and possibilities does border-crossing between disciplines pose in
terms of audience and reception?

In addition to this core question about theory-practice, we are also strongly invested in democratizing knowledge and promoting a de-hierarchized form of performance philosophy beyond the “ivory tower.” Our aim is to investigate key questions at the heart of performance philosophy while also building and strengthening community between artists and scholars within and outside of academic institutions.

The symposium will be structured with a balance of performance and discussion, providing space to both demonstrate and discuss work. Lecture performances, experimental talks, live art, interactive installations, roundtable discussions, and collaborative workshops will place an emphasis on participation, with some sessions including audience interaction, games, and response structures. Some of these sessions will be more heavily weighted toward either scholarship or live art, while others may attempt to strike a balance or produce a hybridization between performance and philosophy.

Madison Performance Philosophy Collective is Erin Briddick, Jim Burling, Jeff Casey, Kat Lieder, Tomislav Longinovic, Megan Marsh-McGlone, Jon McKenzie, Dijana Mitrovic, Frederic Neyrat, Michael Peterson, Sandy Peterson, Andrew Salyer, and Katrina Schaag.


This event is co-sponsored by Performance Philosophy, an international research network, and the A.W. Mellon Art and Scholarship Workshop at UW-Madison’s Center for the Humanities.


Mad Theory CFP!.

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