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The Faun Experiment

Faun Experiment Premiere

Join Tamar Rogoff, Gregg Mozgala, and Daisy Wright for the OHIO PREMIERE
Tues April 1, 4:30 PM
U.S. Bank Theatre
Ohio Union
1739 N. High Street

Tamar Rogoff Director/Producer
Véronique Bernard Consulting Executive Producer
Daisy Wright Director/Editor
Preview: vimeo.com/47872624

Sometimes the impossible just isn’t.

The Faun Experiment

He expected to be in a wheelchair at age 40 disabled by Cerebral Palsy. Instead, Gregg Mozgala embarks on a dance project with choreographer Tamar Rogoff. Through a process she invents as they go, his heels touch the ground for the first time in his life. The limits of the human body turn out to be not so fixed, and the medical and disability worlds take notice. As Rogoff and Mozgala discover resources they didn’t know they had, art overturns science.

The documentary film is shot over four years as Rogoff and Mozgala work to create the performance piece that changes Mozgala’s life. When “Diagnosis of a Faun” premieres, the media grabs the story with features in The New York Times, CBS Sunday Morning and Good Morning America. Rogoff and Mozgala are invited to lecture at Johns Hopkins and Harvard. Their quiet experiment publicly challenges the prevailing beliefs about CP.

In the final scenes, Mozgala takes his experience to Margot, a sixteen year-old girl whose CP nervous system mirrors his own. Rogoff steps away as Mozgala and Margot forge their own partnership of discovery, passing on the process body to body to body.

Sponsored by:
The Humanities Institute
Film Studies
Disability Studies
Dept. of Dance
Office of Diversity and Inclusion