Autumn 2012

Introduction to Performance Studies
Theatre 7899.04
Th 3:00-6:00 PM
Prof. Ana Puga

Performance Studies has been described as a marriage of Theater and Anthropology. We will survey the foundational texts of major figures in this exciting new field, including Richard Schechner, Joseph Roach, Diana Taylor, Dwight Conquergood, and Shannon Jackson. Besides reading and analyzing the works of others, students will create a practical project that allows them to practice the methodologies we study, including interviews and participant-observation ethnography.


Studies in 18th Century Genre
English 7837
We 1:50-5:05 PM
Prof. David Brewer

This seminar will investigate the generically inventive (and often deeply weird) world of the Restoration and eighteenth-century theater. This is the world that gave us many of the things that still define our sense of dramatic and filmic performance: actresses, celebrity, glamour, spectacle, eroticism, musicals, the hyper-canonicity of Shakespeare. But in the eighteenth century those things were intertwined with a host of practices that now seem very alien indeed: xenophobic riots in the playhouse, incessant jokes about cuckoldry, laying out a carpet before a death scene, “hippodrama” (it involves horses). Our work will be to figure out how the forms taken by eighteenth-century plays intersected with both the familiar and the deeply alien aspects of the eighteenth-century theater in order to produce a set of expectations that are still with us, whether or not we’ve ever read or seen anything from that period

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